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New to Martial Arts

Sifu Nathan and Sifu Daniel training Wing Chun at Perth Wing Chun

So your new to Martial Arts?

You've been browsing the Internet wondering if you should take up a Martial Art. Yet you don’t really know what to expect, are a little bit nervous about coming in, and aren't even sure if it's the right thing for you to do. You might even be worried that you don't have the time, the more, or the energy to commit to something else.

Well the great news is you've taken the first step just by coming to our site, and we applaud you for that.

We're here to show you why Wing Chun is the right system for you, and how it can enhance you life in incredible ways that you might not even be aware of.

It improves confidence, self esteem and promotes higher brain function.

new to martial arts

Are you someone who is lacking confidence and self esteem?

Well the great news is that we have a way to help you develop your inner-warrior.

Mind is closely linked to body and through learning our system of fighting you will naturally start to become more confident, your self esteem will increase and you will begin to see this roll over to all areas of your life.

Wing Chun also has a strong focus on working both sides of the body. This challenges and activates your brain, helps you become more focused which leads to higher brain function and decreased chance of many diseases

You will learn effective self defense

new to martial arts

At Perth Wing Chun we know how important it is for you to defend yourself and protect your loved ones.

Our primary focus at the academy is to teach you how to defend yourself in a variety of ways. Surprisingly, most of the principles we teach are not just external fighting skills. In fact, we believe through teaching you how to fight you will learn the importance of not needing to fight.

So how is this so?

When you join us you will learn positive body language, correct tone of voice and simple de-escalation techniques in order to talk down an attacker. The knock-on effect is that you will become more confident in every day life, will naturally become more aware of your surroundings and your odds of becoming a victim will decrease drastically.

Alongside this invaluable skill-set we will also show you how to quickly and effectively disable an opponent who may threaten your life. We do emphasis that violence is always a last resort. Almost all conflicts are able to be avoided and at Perth Wing Chun we're here to show you how.

It's the perfect way to get fit and tone up

new to martial arts

The Fitness industry has been active in the last 5 years in promoting the positive impact of living a healthy life. The number of people joining gyms, doing yoga, pilates and a range of other fitness activities is at an all time high.

Wing Chun provides the perfect full body workout to help regulate blood flow, increase your strength, lose weight, and tone your body. The added bonus is you'll be learning a system of fighting which is also practical for self defense. That's something that almost every other fitness based institution cannot offer and the number #1 reason you should choose a martial art school over a traditional gym.

You will meet other likeminded people and become part of a strong community

new to martial arts

Perth Wing Chun is more than just a Martial Arts Academy, it's a community of like minded individuals with a growth mindset. There are children of all ages, men, women, and a variety of age groups who all coexist in this amazing environment focused on becoming better at Wing Chun, and in learning how to communicate effectively with other people.

Our Students are passionate and dedicated, willing to help those around them and are focused on becoming the best people they can be. The added bonus is that they want you to succeed as much as the Instructors do. Through helping you get better, it will also help them become better so we can all become better together. The rising tide lifts all ships, and this is exactly why Perth Wing Chun is one of the most unique Martial Arts Academies in Australia.

We have patient Instructors who want to see you succeed

new to martial arts

Learning something new can be frustrating. Yet at Perth Wing Chun it doesn't have to be. Our Instructors are patient, enthusiastic and are there to help you succeed. Along with our Instructors we have a number of assistants who provide incredible support and encouragement.

Our main priority here at Perth Wing Chun is to help you get started on the right foot. So please don't be scared to ask for some help, and feel free to come up to us after class. We'd be more than happy to explain something a little further if you require it =)

It's the complete system for personal development

new to martial arts

Our carefully designed curriculum is the perfect system for developing your mind, body and spirit. We have carefully structured our curriculum to take you from A to B, then C to D and onwards!

In the beginning you'll be learning simple hand movements, some simple training exercises with a partner, and also basic self defense. You'll also learn a collection of movements which we call a " form ". This form is the Shil Lim Tao, and it is our rulebook of the system and the most important form in Wing Chun. You'll also get an opportunity to learn on the Wooden Dummy which is an extremely important training tool that is unique to Wing Chun.

As you progress in your journey the curriculum is designed to push you and challenge you ensuring you're completely ready before attempting to grade. Reaching a new level is a great way to benchmark your success, and also acts as a gauge amongst other students. You'll also notice that our curriculum is designed to turn you into a leader. Although don't panic yet, that isn't until around Level 5 and 6 so you have a long road to travel before you have to worry about teaching!

We want YOU part of our Perth Wing Chun community

Perth Wing Chun is a truly unique Martial Arts school. We are friendly, supportive and welcoming of new people who step into our Academy. We value our own success and also the success of those around us. Together we are joined in our pursuit of becoming the complete martial artist. We hope to touch the lives of all those around us and enhance the overall experience. We believe that learning Wing Chun is a lifelong journey. It's more than just learning how to fight, it's learning how to become a better person inside and outside the Academy.

So what are you waiting for? Come in and do a trial lesson and we can see whether we're both the right fit for each other =)

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