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Sifu Opat

profile pic of Sihing Opat at Perth Wing Chun - a Master Instructor of the Martial arts of Wing Chun at Perth Wing Chun Martial arts Academy

Level 10

The more skill you achieve in martial arts, the twice as humble and virtuous you must be.

- Sifu Opat

Sifu Opat began his journey at Perth Wing Chun in 2008 under Sifu Graham, in Dianella. Unsure of whether Wing Chun was right for him, he briefly went off to experiment with a number of other Martial Arts. After a few months he returned and declared that Wing Chun was the most effective system for fighting, and he would dedicate himself to practise for life.

In 2011 Sifu Opat married his wife and moved over to Alice Springs to be with her. It was then he decided that he would start his own Wing Chun School; the Alice Springs Wing Chun Academy . Since that time he has been flying back over to Perth to continue his training with his Sifu's and work towards his next gradings. As he continues to build his school in Alice Springs he is eagerly anticipating the next step in his journey before obtaining Level 10 - Sifu.

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