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Sifu Nathan Davis

profile pic of Sifu Nathan Davis a Master of Wing Chun Martial arts at Perth Wing Chun Academy

Level 2 Provisional Master

It's not about mastering
other people, it's about
mastering yourself.

- Sifu Nathan

Throughout his whole lifetime, Sifu Nathan has been well connected to Martial Arts. He spent most of his childhood jumping from style to style and getting involved in real life confrontations, some which almost took his life.

Since finding Wing Chun, Sifu Nathan has finally settled on a system of fighting he can commit to for the rest of his life. Unlike all the other Martial Arts he had done previously, Wing Chun specifically teaches you principles and strategy over using brute force which is even more important as you get older.

Never one to shy away from challenge matches, he is highly respected and noted for his wealth of knowledge and creativity when applying Wing Chun. He has been quoted as being one of the best “Double Arm Chi Sao” practitioners in the world, and is highly respected by Grandmaster Cheung, who he shares a close friendship with.

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