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Sifu Peter Guy

profile pic of Sifu Peter Guy, Master of Wing Chun Martial arts at Perth Wing Chun Academy

Level 6 Provisional Master

Wing Chun teaches us not to fight force with force. It’s how a smaller person can overcome a larger person using strategy and flow. This principle is also true in life. Always let go of the force and move around your obstacles. - Sifu Peter

Sifu Peter is an entrepreneur who created Perth Wing Chun. He is the first official Sifu under Grandmaster Cheung in Western Australia, and has achieved the Level 6 Provisional Master Level.

He cites Wing Chun as a huge inspiration in overcoming head injuries which he sustained in a serious car crash that nearly ended his life.

Sifu Peter has won numerous awards (Best Non-retail Business Award and the Customer Service Award,) has inspired over 7 individuals to grade up to the Sifu level and is single-handed responsible for creating the dynasty that is Perth Wing Chun.

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