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Sifu Shane

profile pic of Sifu Peter Guy, Master of Wing Chun Martial arts at Perth Wing Chun Academy

Level 10 Instructor

Challenges are what make your life interesting, overcoming challenges is what makes your life meaningful. - Sifu Shane

Sifu Shane first came across Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu whilst flicking through the martial arts magazine, Blitz. It was here that he discovered Grandmaster Cheung and his unique system of fighting principles.

After discovering the Perth Wing Chun Academy, Shane committed himself to the Leadership Program, attended class regularly and thought nothing of travelling over an hour to get to the Academy. This work ethic and commitment saw Sifu Shane grade up to the Instructor Level, in front of Grandmaster Cheung, with a huge number of students watching on, at the Perth Wing Chun Academy in 2011.

Having achieved a qualification in personal training and fitness, Sifu Shane has used this knowledge to perfectly compliment his training in Wing Chun. His ability to convey the basics of the system and translate this into devastating sweeps makes him an extremely vital at Perth Wing Chun.

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