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  • Donna

    picture of Donna O'rourke from Perth Wing Chun

    I was introduced to martial arts through the Wing Chun system of learning approximately 2 years ago by a friend. He suggested that my daughter (aged12) and I would benefit from having a joint interest/ hobby. Neither myself or my daughter had done any form of martial arts before. At first I kept going because she enjoyed it so much, after a couple of months, I found I was going along to the classes because I enjoyed learning Wing Chun. It's built up my stamina, flexibility and all round fitness levels. The Instructors (Sifu's, Sihing's) are all very generous with their knowledge and time. They breakdown the techniques into laymans terms, which is extremely helpful for those just starting out in Wing Chun.

    At this moment in time I am a level 3 (medium blue sash) . My daughter is level 4 (dark blue sash) . I particularly like the grading system here because both student and Instructor have an input as to when it's felt the student is ready to grade to the next level. Wing Chun teaches self respect, respect for others, it builds self confidence and the meditation side helps with lifes stresses.

    Through Wing Chun I have met and built up new and long lasting friendships and feel part of the Wing Chun community. It's also interesting to learn about another countries culture and their customs. As a non aggressive female, I have found doing Wing Chun very benefical. It's not about strength but more so about body positioning. The skills and techniques I am learning have made me feel safer in my day to day life, knowing that if I had to, I could defend myself and my daughter. My goals this year will be to see myself and my daughter grade again to our next levels and to continue my journey in the practice and understanding of the Wing Chun system of fighting.

    Recently when my personal life changed I threw myself into my training and found for me this was a big help, keeping me grounded and helping me keep a prospective on what's important in life and what needs to be let go.

  • Paul

    picture of Paul training at Wing Chun at Perth Wing Chun

    Hello there, my name is Paul and I train at Perth Wing Chun.

    I really just want to talk today about how I got into Martial Arts and what maybe the benefits are. At least some of the benefits.

    Actually, I got into Martial Arts probably about 20 years ago when I first started lecturing at a University in the United States. And it was at at time when I was very stressed and very vulnerable . And I had a student come in who threatened me. And I really didn't know what to do and it made me feel even more vulnerable and insecure.

    I started taking a martial arts course - happened to be Aikedo at the time. And what I found was it gave much more of a presence, and a sense I could deal with a situation. Not only physically if someone attacked me, but also not to get into the situation in the first place, or deal with as it comes along.

    And I think this is something that is with all my training over many years, and is now starting again as I moved over to Perth Wing Chun.

    I would also say if you're interested, and if you are a teacher that 2 of the benefits you get here is first of all you actually have very very good instruction. That you can learn from the teachers how to be a better teacher.

    But also it teaches you some more humility, and it reminds me of what it's like to be a student, and what it's like to actually not know how to do something. And to have really good Instructors that can show you, and help you on your own path for self development.

  • Jade

    picture of Fiona training in Wing Chun at Perth Wing Chun


  • Lionel

    picture of Jeremy at Perth Wing Chun Academy

    I started training in martial arts in my early 20’s and enjoyed it tremendously.

    Even though I never learnt Wing Chun, I did train with someone who did. I was always impressed that when we did spar together I could hardly l and any punches on him. I knew one day I would have to learn this style, but at the time I was too busy with my kicks and flashy moves from my previous style.

    Then life started throwing responsibilities at me and I had to slowly stop, but I always held on to the fact that when I have kids I would get them involved.

    When my eldest son turned 6 years old, I decided it was time for him to start learning a martial art. A quick google search brought me to the Perth Wing Chun Academy.

    One of my main concerns was that my son would lose interest after a while if he couldn't understand it or if he just didn't enjoy it. I always told to him that it was fun and that he should just give it a go. So to drive home that fact, I too joined up with the adult's class to show him that even Dad was doing it and if he had any problems I would be there to help him.

    I need not have worried, the instructors at Perth Wing Chun Academy are very patient and encourage a sense of fun with all the kids. This then left me free to pursue my own journey in Wing Chun without worrying about my son.

    I have found the Perth Wing Chun Academy to be an excellent place of learning on my Wing Chun journey.

    The Sifu’s here are very approachable and are willing to share information and answer every questions from novices like me when I first started out. The senior student’s too are friendly and always very helpful. There is no sense of ego when you step into class. Everyone knows we are all here for our own reasons, whether it’s for fitness, self-defence, a hobby, we’ve all been that white belt that steps through the door not knowing anything and the people at Perth Wing Chun are more than happy to help you out.

    My second son (7) has been enrolled with the club for a few years now and he enjoys it with his brother. He finds it fun and loves to play with the other kids in his class. The eldest son now 9 years old recently entered in the 2015 Free Form Fighting competition with Perth Wing Chun Academy. This was the spark in his journey that I was waiting for. This was the catalyse that that made him realise that Wing Chun is not just fun and games that Dad brings you to class for every week. This was a skill that would be with you for life!

    I can see the eagerness in him to want to train harder, to learn more and to test his skills. This was brought home when I heard him and his class mates ask t heir Sifu near the end of class, when they would be sparring instead of when they would we be playing games.

    In a couple of years I'll be able to put my youngest son into the kid’s classes. I look forward to bonding with them through Wing Chun as they grow older.

    They'll find new interests and pursuits that will appeal to them as they grow up, and they may stop when life starts throwing responsibilities at them. But as long as they see their old man still practising his Wing Chun, it’s only a pit stop in their journey.

    One day, I may even be bringing the grandkids to training! But one step at a time.

  • Jeremy

    picture of Jeremy at Perth Wing Chun Academy


  • Anathe

    picture of Anathe Deans at Perth Wing Chun

    A natural affiliation for the Martial Arts is something that seemed embedded within me from a very young age. Apparently, I was kicking, punching, and waving “swords” (sticks I gathered from the garden) from the time I could walk. As an adult, I summoned the courage to pursue this calling, which is when I happened to place my first steps into the Perth Wing Chun Academy and I never looked back since. Once I met the instructors, took a class and met my fellow Wing Chun brothers and sisters – I instantly knew this was the right school for me.

    The Sifu’s at Perth Wing Chun are an eclectic bunch that complement each other. This is important, because Wing Chun (just like all forms of kung fu) is diverse and dynamic in nature. To be able to experience Wing Chun through the diverse perspectives of such a talented assemblage of instructors is a great privilege.

    This is the heart of the Perth Wing Chun Academy – its culture is progressive, diverse and always open to new insights and perspectives.

    Teaching here constantly grows, develops, and evolves which is so crucial in any martial art. Perth Wing Chun’s culture, I believe, is second to none. The sense of dynamism the school stands for not only pertains to Wing Chun, but transcends into all areas of life.

    I've never been concerned about my ranking or how fast I am progressing because I am on my own journey. The Instructors at Perth Wing Chun are so forward thinking that they understand the need to push students, but also are enlightened enough to know that there are times when students need to develop organically - at their own pace.

    This is why to be a student at Perth Wing Chun academy set’s you apart from other schools, because you become a true martial artist and you are able to explore that sacred triad of mind, body, spirit. You will not be burdened by physical and athletic pressures that many fear of when coming into a Martial Arts. Be assured that this school is authentic and caters for everybody.

    ------------------------------------------------------- This is a personal reflection of my journey into Kung Fu, as an attempts to illuminate a different perspective and depth to what could be possibly gained as a student of the Martial Arts, and, perhaps what a new student can look forwards to.

    What I have come to realise since commencing my journey into the Martial Arts, is that it is not just a physical pursuit. And, what you learn from the Martial Arts is not necessarily confined within the walls of the school, but transcends into sacred life lessons that can positively impact ones life.

    I think if one pursues the Martial Arts merely from a physical perspective, it can lead to a rather fruitless journey that only takes a student so far. For me, as I continue my journey, I realise more and more that it is more of a journey to self-expression and self-discovery. Because you are expressing your personal kung Fu, thus it reflects you and your state of your being. So for me, practising my Wing Chun has never been about how strong, fast, big, tall, or stealth you are. I don’t think the wisdom is derived merely from the physical act – but rather – what practising the art reveals to you about yourself. Which is why I think Martial Arts is such a powerful vehicle for personal growth.

    Each time I practice my Kung Fu I resume the continued journey of discovering myself: my weaknesses, strengths, fears, ugly truths as well as noble attributes. And As I grow as a person, my Wing Chun grows. And, as my Wing Chun grows, I grow as a person.

    It’s been profound. And if you are reading this, and you feel that calling for transformation, to challenge yourself -- to achieve new heights -- then I encourage you to come to the Perth Wing Chun Academy, take that leap into beginning your journey today.

    Practising martial arts manifests within you a deep inner wisdom that cannot be taught -- only developed. This is a deep understanding of yourself that can truly influence your outlook on life. Practising Kung Fu can be a truly authentic experience.

    It’s never too late to begin your journey into the Martial Arts, and I highly recommend the Perth Wing Chun Academy , for they will adopt you with open arms. You'll gain a second family, as well as friends that will last a lifetime.
    Anathe Deans

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