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Trained in The Past

Sifu Nathan and Sifu Daniel training Wing Chun at Perth Wing Chun

Re-spark your passion for the Martial Arts!

So you've trained in Martial Arts before. You know what's involved, but you're still a little unsure as to whether you want to start upon the journey once again. You don't know whether you can afford it, or if you have the motivation, or whether your body can handle it. So rather than try to convince you I'm going to give you a few simple reasons to help you convince yourself. Lets get into it!

You'll be learning a System not a style

wing chun martial arts

What separates Traditional Wing Chun from a number of other styles is that we're based around a
“ system of combat ”
which has a set of
key principles , rather than techniques. Although we do teach techniques, we place much more importance on the principles of fighting.

You'll become stronger and fitter

Sifu Nathan performing wing chun self-defence martial arts

It's scientifically proven that strength training and fitness becomes even more important as you begin to age. By training in Wing Chun 2-3 times per week you will help regulate blood flow around your body, develop sharper reflexes and increase your fitness. And these benefits are just the beginning!

It's effective for managing stress

Sifu Daniel teaching wing chun on the beach

In this fast paced world that we live in it's hard to get time to de-stress and relax. That's where training and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone comes into play. Not only will you become fitter and stronger , you will learn how to channel your
“ chi ” through meditation forms and low-intensity exercises (to begin with at least). The contrasting (yin/ yang) is a highly important aspect which helps develop the correct balance that your body needs to naturally help you fight off unwanted stress and negativity.

You'll develop a greater drive in all areas of your life

Sifu Jason teaching wing chun martial arts to kids at the Perth Wing Chun academy

Learning Traditionally Wing Chun Kung FU will help inspire you , give you greater purpose and increase focus in various areas of your life. The added confidence, quicker reflexes, increase in fitness and greater appreciation of your own body will make you wish you had started earlier!

Common Objections:

1. I'm too old and / or have too many injuries

The unique thing about Wing Chun Kung Fu is that it transcends all limitations (weight, height, age & gender). Regardless of your age, our system is designed to allow you to start with a very light workout combined with simplistic drills and minimal fitness training to help you ease into the training. We also have a number of “ empty hand forms ” which aid in your training and help you develop confidence in your own body before you increase the intensity, thus taking your training, and taking your body to the next level. Whatever your situation, we guarantee we can help you!

2. Martial Arts is too expensive

This is a common thing we hear, however this definitely doesn't apply to Perth Wing Chun. Alongside providing an extremely high brand of Wing Chun , we are also one of the most affordable Kung Fu Schools in the Metropolitan Area.

Don't believe us? We encourage you to call up other schools and ask!

Another question you have to ask yourself is “ How important is my health? ” Most people go through life abusing their bodies, avoiding exercise and polluting their mind in one form of another. By learning Traditional Wing Kung Fu you will not only become a more healthier, fitter, focused version of yourself; you will be learning a system of fighting which has proven to work, and been passed down from generation to generation. Grandmaster Cheung is in his mid 70s and still moves as quickly as a man in their 20s. I don't know about you, but I don't think you can't put a price on longevity.

3. I don't want to start another style as a beginner

It is often said that the journey is more important than the arrival. This should hold true in any Kung Fu Kwoon. When you step into the Academy one of your main focuses should be to become a better version of yourself. Regardless of rank it's important to go into each class with a fresh mind and look for how you can enhance your own abilities whilst supporting your training partners around you. Like Bruce Lee one famously said,
“ A belt is only good for holding your pants up. ” Regardless of what sash colour you have, there is a mutual respect amongst all Students at the Perth Wing Chun Academy.

So what are you waiting for?

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